The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

What do you usually get your dad for Father’s Day? A tie he’ll say he loves but will never wear? An embarrassing apron he’ll have to don every time he plays grill master at the family cookout? A picture frame made of gold spray painted macaroni or maybe a pair of socks?  Why not give him something that he’ll actually use?

It’s no wonder that consumer tech products have become such popular Father’s Day gifts. But not just the coolest, newest gadget that everyone has and only use once or twice.  It should be something that he uses on a daily basis and will think of you every time he uses it.  WITTI Design has the perfect gifts for your geeked-out Dad.

The new BEDDI alarm clock can help relieve some of Dad’s morning stress by alerting him in advance of weather and traffic updates, request an Uber or turn on/off the lights with the touch of a button, wake him up gently with ‘natural’ light, play his favorite music via its Bluetooth speakers, and even set the mood with subtle color changing chromotherapy LEDs, plus so much more.  And he’ll appreciate knowing that he’ll be one of the first to own a BEDDI if you take advantage of the pre-sale order through Indiegogo InDemand.

You can remind Dad of his favorite child by creating a custom notification with DOTTI – the App controlled pixel light.  DOTTI will display a corresponding App icon or custom icon or animation for text and call alerts.  Unleash your creativity by making a unique piece of pixel art on one or group with up to four DOTTI to notify Dad when you call or text.

You can also brighten Dad’s day or night with the NOTTI smart light with notifications.  Choose from one of a million LED colors using the Bluetooth enabled NOTTI App. The NOTTI will light up when Dad gets a call, message or notification; sync with the alarm clock mode to brighten, lightening up the room to awake Dad more peacefully; set the scene with mood lighting; or dance to Dad’s favorite music changing colors to the rhythm.

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