BEDDI is Arriving!

The wait is finally over!  The BEDDI intelligent alarm clock is available this month to help you create the best wake-up experience.  Our morning routines are usually all the same: we hit snooze one too many times, wonder what the weather will be like, realize we are running late, and dread the never-ending traffic on our way to work. The new BEDDI intelligent alarm clock is an all-in-one, app-enabled alarm clock and home automation hub that can help just about anybody get through their morning routine a little easier.

Key features include:

  • Wake Up Light: Inspired by sunrise, the built in wake up light can be set to gradually brighten the room at a specific time to help users wake up naturally and  adjust to their morning in a relaxed manner

  • Wake up to Spotify: Users can wake up to their favorite Spotify playlist and instantly play music with a push of a button

  • Real-time Traffic Updates:  Users can save their commute information in the BEDDI app which will provide a recommended departure time when they alarm goes off based on current traffic conditions

  • One Touch UBER Ride Request: With a simple push of a button, users can request an UBER ride from pre-set pickup locations and BEDDI will notify you when your ride has arrived

  • Weather Alerts: Through voice prompts, users are alerted of weather conditions, such as temperature and humidity

  • IoT Connectivity: Programmable buttons allow users to connect and control other smart home devices such as Nest, Philips Hue and LIFX

  • High Quality Audio: BEDDI uses high quality speaker drivers to ensure crisp and clear sound for your music and alarm

  • Multiple Device Charging: BEDDI provides two USB charging ports to charge your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch at night

  • White Noise Generator: Integrated white noise generator plays soothing sounds to help users fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer

  • Multi-Colored Mood Light: BEDDI features 16 million LED color options to set the mood or activate a sunrise simulation to be woken up peacefully each morning

  • Case Compatible: BEDDI is designed to work with most smartphones without needing to remove their case

  • FM Radio: With built in FM Radio accessibility, you can listen to your favorite radio stations outside of the car

  • WeMo: Control your homes appliances through Automation Switches

 Order your BEDDI through  The BEDDI app is currently available for Apple iOS users in the App Store and Google’s Play Store for Android users this summer.

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