Smart Alarm Clock – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Smart home technology has exploded in 2016, and it is only going to keep getting bigger in 2017. You should get on the bandwagon right now, and one of our Smart Alarm Clocks makes the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in the family.

Why a Smart Alarm Clock?

It makes the perfect gift for a loved one, because it is absolutely packed full of features, and will be a genuine game-changer for their sleeping and waking routine. What could be better than giving someone a gift that they will use every single day and night, a gift that will become a part of their daily routine, and a part of their lives. The BEDDI Series from WITTI is that perfect gift!

White Noise For Better Sleep

It boasts some awesome features such as the white noise machine. This is perfect for the light sleeper in your life. Simply turn it on when you are going to sleep and it will eliminate any unwanted background distractions. You can sync your Spotify with the BEDDI, so you can wake up to your favourite track every morning. It charges multiple devices, and has a built in light that can also be used as an alarm itself by waking you naturally by mimicking the sunrise.

The BEDDI can really embed itself into your routine, you can set different time alarms for different days, and it gathers your traffic and weather information for you before you even step out of bed.

Smart Home Integration For Super Convenience

The BEDDI is also built for the future home, as smart technology continues to grow. The BEDDI can already integrate with a number of Smart Home technologies such as Nest and Lifx, you can even call an Uber with the touch of a button in your bedroom!

Extra: Stylish Choice of BEDDI

While the BEDDI comes in a choice of two colours, you will always have that style conscious person in your life who just wants to stand out from the ordinary!  For these people, the BEDDI Style is the perfect Christmas gift. While the BEDDI Style remains jammed with features such as Spotify integration, USB charging port and white noise machine, but it also comes with a changeable faceplate that allows you to show off your style and personality in a way that is just not possible with any other alarm clock. The faceplates are available in a pink, grey and leopard print, so that you can change at will to suit your décor or mood.

Smart Alarm Clock – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Just like the BEDDI, this is a gift that your loved ones will use each and every day for years to come. As it already integrates with current and emerging technologies, the BEDDI Style will be future proof for many years.

If you are shopping for a light sleeper, a tech enthusiast or for that style icon in your life, there is something in the range that will be a great fit. Whether you choose the BEDDI, the BEDDI Style or another from the BEDDI range, a smart alarm clock really is the perfect Christmas gift for 2016. It’s original, and will be used daily for years to come.

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