The Most Wonderful Moment

Holiday Traditions

Whether it’s making a certain dish for a special meal or an activity in which the whole family partakes, holiday traditions don’t have to be big extravagant events or expensive activities.  The holidays are about spending time with family and friends and being grateful for these relationships.


Another great way to put the holiday in perspective and not get bogged down in the commercialism of the season is to spend time helping others.  Volunteer at a local food bank, purchase gifts for a less fortunate family, clean up trash in the community, spend some time visiting with residents an eldercare facility.   Activities like these can also re-establish ‘tradition’ from the standpoint of quality time put in relationships and how that time is spent.


Big dinners are a staple of family holiday traditions, so why not make the most of them by having a meaningful conversation at the dinner table? You can tell stories, talk about important events, or simply go around the table and say what you’re thankful for.  Create memories that will last beyond the evening.


Don’t let your Christmas-crazy neighbors guilt you into a lights display worthy of Rockefeller Center. If your family enjoys looking at lights, pack a thermos of hot chocolate and drive around town to admire the best of the over-the-top yards. It’s free, and you don’t have to freeze your tail off.  Or, if you prefer decking out your house with lights but don’t have the time, start early and stop when your energy does. Make sure you’re decorating your house because you like it, not because you’re trying to match the neighborhood. Your time and money matter more than how many cars drive by.


And most importantly, enjoy time with your family and friends.  It’s the season on togetherness and time to make new memories to end the year on a positive note.  Whatever your family tradition is, everyone at WITTI would like to wish you a happy holiday season.

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