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iOS10 actually has some known bluetooth issues, you can see this webpage for some suggested solutions. https://www.imobie.com/support/how-to-fix-bluetooth-issues-on-ios-devices.htm . Another thing to try is to disable the “HomeKit” permission for the BEDDI app (in iOS settings, scroll to bottom to find BEDDI app, and turn off HomeKit permission), and then restart your phone. Some users said that will enable the bluetooth connection again (and we are investigating why these settings will interfere with bluetooth).

BEDDI measures approximately 8.66″ (W) × 2.13″ (D) × 5.12″ (H).  Its weight is approximately 1.2 pounds.

Please make sure you enable location service for BEDDI App.
For iOS, it’s in phone OS Settings -> BEDDI (all the way down at the 3rd party apps section) -> Locations —> Make sure it’s set at  “Always”.
For Android, it’s in phone Settings –> Application Manager -> BEDDI -> Permissions -> Location —> Make usre it’s turned on

Please search BEDDI and download the “iPhone only” version on the App Store.

The service port is for firmware update only.  For detailed information on firmware updates, please visit: http://www.wittidesign.com/en/firmwareupdate/

Press the “Snooze/Dimmer” button to adjust the clock brightness.  There are 5 levels of brightness 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and off.

You can customize 3 smart buttons via the App to trigger different commands.  Each smart button has three modes – single press, double press and long press. You can pre-set total 9 devices/services.

Sleep mode — when you go to sleep and listen to music, when sleep mode time is up, BEDDI will turn off the music/light that is playing.
Nap mode — when you want to take a nap, and when the nap mode time is up, then BEDDI will play the alarm sound.

The cradle supports up to a smartphone with 5.7” screen.  The cradle is size is 17 x 171 x 25mm (W x L x D), or 0.67″ x 6.73″ x 1″.

Please go to  Menu -> General Setting -> Temperature Scale.

Please go to Menu -> General Setting -> 12 Hour Clock

You can rename BEDDI at Menu -> General Setting -> About -> Device Name.

Please do the following steps:
1) Go to General Settings -> About -> Log

2) Enable Logging

3) Repeat the error steps

4) Send out Log.  Please make sure to include a description of error in email.

5) You can disable log after email is sent

The Weather/Traffic info will be played after your turned off the alarm.  For Weather/Traffic to work, please make sure your phone is in range with BEDDI, and app is running the background, and your phone has internet access.

We are working on localization right now.  If you are willing to help us to localized BEDDI app to your language, please email us at support@wittidesign.com.

At this time, we only support the radio list scanned by BEDDI.  We will work on improving the stations selection experience.

Plug in the provided FM Antenna, search and select the channel though BEDDI app.

Please make sure your bluetooth audio is connected (the indicator light at bottom right of clock should be on), BEDDI app is logged on Spotify, and your phone has internet connection.

Go to Menu -> Service setup -> Spotify.  Click on Logout and re-login again.

Please be reminded that Spoitfy can be functioned for premium account only.  For premium users, please make sure your are logged in to Spotify (you can check at Menu -> Service Setup -> Spotify).  You can restart the BEDDI app to see if it works.  Please send us error log if problem persists.

Please note that the alarm sound fades in and could take up to 10-15s for you to hear the sound (we want to wake you up peacefully).  If problem persists, please send us the error log.

Press the Play/Pause button will turn off the alarm.

BEDDI alarm will still work even if your phone is off.  However, it will only play the default sounds & FM radio.

Please go to Menu -> General Setting -> Alarm General Settings -> Auto Turnoff

Please go to Menu -> General Setting -> Alarm General Settings -> Alarm Volume

You can set maximum 4 alarms.

Please try to unplug BEDDI, wait 5 seconds, and plug BEDDI back in.

If Bluetooth audio is connected, the Bluetooth status light (Bottom right of the clock) will be on.  The Bluetooth control is always connected when in range, unless your phone’s Bluetooth is off, or your App is not running.

Please pair BEDDI (Audio) in your phone Bluetooth setting first.  Subsequently, you can press & hold the Bluetooth Button to reconnect bluetooth audio to your phone; or reconnect via your phone Bluetooth setting.

Sometimes the touch sensor can be affected by surrounding environment.  Place DOTTI on table, restart DOTTI, wait for 2s, and slowly slide the top from left to right with light pressure.  Reset DOTTI if problem persists.

The NOTTI/DOTTI light color could vary when the battery level is low.  Please fully charge NOTTI/DOTTI to see whether the problem persists.

Please restart NOTTI/DOTTI immediately after name changed, and check the name again.

Please make sure Bluetooth is on.  If only one specific Notification cannot be received, please switch off and switch on that Notification again.  If all Notifications cannot be received, please try to unpair and restart NOTTI/DOTTI and reconnect again.

Please make sure Bluetooth is turned on and make sure no other phone is connected to the NOTTI/DOTTI.  If problem persists, restart both NOTTI/DOTTI and the App.

NOTTI/DOTTI only compatible with Android devices running 4.3 and up / iOS 7.1 and up with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.  Please try to turn off all the other Bluetooth devices first, and test whether you can connect NOTTI / DOTTI with your device.  Please be reminded that we don’t need to pair in Bluetooth setting, just open NOTTI/DOTTI app to connect. 

Music only can output if the song already downloaded and stored in the phone.  If the song had not been downloaded, sound cannot output though NOTTI/DOTTI. 

If prompt message for pairing password, please enter “123456”.

We provide a one-year warranty from the date of purchase for all WITTI items.  Please fill out the form valid proof of purchase at http://www.wittidesign.com/en/warranty/.

Please try to reset NOTTI/DOTTI by pressing the reset button at the bottom of NOTTI/DOTTI (in the small hole).

he wake light should turn on 5 minutes before the pre-set alarm time, so when you set the alarm, please make sure it’s more than 5 minutes away.

Please check whether your battery is fully charged.  Please plug in USB cable to make sure NOTTI/DOTTI is charged.  The battery indicator light will flash while charging, and will stay on when NOTTI/DOTTI is fully charged.  Please try to connect after battery is charged. 

If problem persists, restart both NOTTI/DOTTI and the App.