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Video Tutorials: BEDDI

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1. How to use BEDDI?
2. How to set alarm without the app?

1. How to use BEDDI?

Video timeframe reference

0:00 BEDDI Setup and Bluetooth Audio pairing
2:16 Alarm Clock Setup
4:02 Alarm General Settings
4:45 Alarm going off (and turning off)
5:45 FM Radio
7:27 Assign a Smart Button action to activate FM Mode
8:05 Light Control
10:11 White Noise
10:59 White Noise with Smart Button
11:37 Assign Smart Buttons
12:56 Renaming BEDDI
13:55 Dashboard Settings
14:40 Spotify Setup
15:41 WeMo Setup
16:25 Uber Setup
16:55 Nest Setup
17:54 Lifx Setup
18:36 Philips Setup
19:06 IFTTT Maker Setup


2. How to set alarm without the app?