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Firmware Update - BEDDI

Download and Update Firmware for BEDDI

Please follow the steps below to complete your Firmware update.

1) Download Firmware Update Tool from here (.zip)
2) Run Firmware Update Tool setup.exe and follow instructions
3) Download the latest BEDDI firmware (.fw) from here (v2.3.0)
4) Unplug BEDDI from power adaptor
5) Connect BEDDI to your computer via the “Service” micro USB port at the back of BEDDI.  Please make sure you use an USB cable that supports data transfer. 
Back of BEDDI
6) Select the latest BEDDI firmware in the Update Tool, and click “Down” to start the update process.  Do NOT unplug BEDDI before update is completed.
Firmware Update Smart Home Integration

7) Once update is 100% completed, BEDDI will be restarted. 'USBH' will be displayed on the screen.
Firmware Update Smart Home IntegrationFirmware Update Beddi Smart alarm clock

8) After BEDDI is restarted, unplug cable from Service port, and plug in Power Adaptor.

9) To verify you have the latest firmware, please go to General Setting -> About.  Check if the “Hardware Version” is the latest.
Firmware Update Smart Home Integration

10) In your phone settings, you might see a duplicate “BEDDI” and “BEDDI (Audio)”.  Please “forget”/”unpair” them and scan for new ones
Firmware Update Smart Home Integration BLE Blue Tooth


– What’s new in V.2.3.0  (30 Mar 2017)
– Minor bug fixed

– What’s new in V.2.2.9  (16 Mar 2017)

– Added option to set an alarm through Smart Button
– Added wake-up clock display for 5 seconds when press & hold the Snooze/Dimmer Button

– What’s new in V.2.1.6  (18 Jan 2017)
– Further improved Bluetooth connection stability
– Added option for turning off wake-up light along with alarm
– Improved functionality of FM Radio
– Minor bug fixed

– What’s new in V.2.0.2
– Fine-tuned Bluetooth volume

– What’s new in V.2.0.1
– Improved Bluetooth connection stability