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Firmware Update - All Products

Check if your BEDDI needs the Firmware Update

This update only applies to BEDDI, BEDDI Glow, BEDDI Style that currently have a lower firmware version than our latest version listed below.

Click on the version you needed below for more details.

Product Latest Firmware Version Last Update Date Last Update Highlights
30 Mar 2017
  • Minor bug fixed

30 Mar 2017
  • Minor bug fixed
30 Mar 2017
  • Minor bug fixed


You may check the version of your BEDDI firmware in your BEDDI app as follows:

Firmware update - BEDDI app screenshots

  1. Open the BEDDI app on your smartphone.
  2. After paired with your BEDDI product, go to Menu.
  3. At the Menu list, select General Settings, and then select About.
  4. Check if the 'Hardware Version', which is the firmware version.
  5. If the version is the same as the latest version listed below, you do not need any update.
  6. If the version is lower than the latest version listed below, please click on the version and follow the firmware update procedure.