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BEDDI Glow Hotel Edition

Small changes, Big impact.

BEDDI Glow Hotel Edition

BEDDI Glow for Hotel

Get BEDDI Glow in the room to give the Best Wake Up Experience during the stay. The fast paced life and intense work decreased the time the guest can devote only to themselves. When they arrived the hotel, they want to be as relaxing as at home. They want to be well rested and ready for action. Let your guests Sleep better, Wake up happier, be Satisfied, and most importantly, come back again!


BEDDI Glow wake up light

Sunrise Simulating Wake up light

Besides waking up with a traditional alarm sound, BEDDI Glow is equipped with a sunrise simulating warm light, your guest can wake up naturally with BEDDI Glow. The light offers a harmonious glow without disruptive tones; it gradually light up 5 minutes (customizable by hotel) before the alarm time to prepare the body to wake up and feel more energetic at the start of the day. Adjustable brightness settings also make it great for use as a reading lamp or night light, all control by just tapping a button.

BEDDI Glow color

Sleep well with Color-changing Light

BEDDI Glow provides a color-changing light, it's great for guests who prefer a little background light or ambient light while falling asleep. This light can also be used as a reading light during the evenings or even as a night light. Let the colorful rotating light enhance the ambience and infuse the room with energy.

BEDDI Glow bluetooth speaker

High quality Bluetooth Speaker

Stream your favorite music with BEDDI Glow’s high quality Bluetooth speaker. Your guest can easily connect and listen to their favorite music in one click. Turning the room’s ambience to be as comfortable as their home.

BEDDI Glow Recharge

Fully recharged

Most people carry multiple smart devices nowadays. BEDDI Glow features 2 convenient USB ports for charging. Guests can now charge their smartphone and tablets at once. Saving another AC outlet in the room and skip the time for outlet hunting after a day of work or getting off the plane.

BEDDI Glow Hotel Easy

Simple interface

The redesigned BEDDI Glow is simple to control with a straightforward interface. It is so user friendly that everyone (even a kid) will know how to turn on/off the wake up light, listen to music, without an instruction manual.

BEDDI Glow Hotel Battery at back

Dedicated features for Hotel

The guest has easy control and so as the Hotel staff. We designed carefully for hotel usage, we also provide a Kensington Chain Lock for securing and protecting the BEDDI.

Other features include:
  • One-click control for Daylight Saving adjustment.
  • Two convenient visible USB ports for charging.
  • A free easy-to-use app for customization, time adjustment and reset.

BEDDI GLOW icon banner

Let BEDDI Glow Hotel edition enhanced the elegant design and atmosphere of the room. Take away their negative feeling when struggling in bed and let them look forward and enjoy every stay. Contact us today to learn more.