Valentine’s Day Traditions & Stats

The romantic festival of St Valentine's Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and fond regard in several countries around the world. The most commonly observed Valentine's Day tradition and custom is expressing one's love with an exchange of cards, flowers and gifts. Pampering one's beloved and making a romantic proposal to one's sweetheart is the other popular tradition of the festival that celebrates love.  And while customs and traditions associated with festival vary in different countries because of the social and cultural differences, what remains the same everywhere is that is a celebration of love by lovers.

One of the most commonly observed Valentine's Day customs is the exchange of cards and gifts with loved ones and friends.  Children often exchange Valentines among friends and classmates at school or hold Candy-gram fundraisers.  It has become such a large industry that Americans spent more than $13 billion on Valentine’s Day cards and gifts last year.

Second to cards, roses are probably the most gifted item on Valentine’s Day with an estimated 198 million roses grown just for the holiday in 2016.  And according to statistics the average American spends $112 on gifts and cards each year and jewelry sales skyrocket to $2.2 billion.

In addition, so many people associate February 14th with the day of love that approximately 2 million people get married on the special day and more than 11,000 children are conceived.

How do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day this year?

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