Top 4 to Illuminate The Night
The standard flashlight and plug-in lightbulb nightlight have become a thing of the past. Here are our top 4 picks for the best items to illuminate the night.

1. HANDI Portable Night Light with Motion sensor - The new HANDI is the easiest and most convenient night light / flashlight available today. Simply unbox the HANDI, peel off the 3M adhesive strip and stick it on any clean flat surface, then switch to Flashlight, Off or Motion Sensor mode on and start using! No tools, screws or wires needed. The HANDI portable light can be detached and put back easily even in the dark via a magnetic pad. Available at Amazon now.

2. Fogo – Rugged multi-purpose outdoor flashlight – The Fogo is a multi-purpose adventure gadget that combines a flashlight, GPS, and walkie-talkie. Plus, it offers all these features in a compact and waterproof package and can automatically send an alert if you suddenly need help. 

3. LIFX - LIFX smart lights let you create unique experiences in your home, wirelessly. Control and automate your lights with the LIFX App or via your BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock. 

4. Philips Hue – Philips offers a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lights which can also be managed via the BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock. With Philips Hue, you can bring your front and back-yard to life with changing or programmed colored lights. Select from 16 million colors or a predefined scene to enjoy endless possibilities of bringing your outdoor to life with light.

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