The Lighting in A Room Can Affect Your Emotions

According to a study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the lighting, and its intensity, in a room can affect a person’s emotions both positively or negatively. It falls along the same theories that people are more cheerful on sunny days and become sullen or crave caffeine when the weather outside is gloomy. While we can’t control nature and the sun’s patterns, we can modify the lighting in our homes to create a more positive environment.

In brighter lighting, people tend to have more intense emotions – for the positive or negative. The bright white lighting itself didn’t have an impact on the person’s attitude but their reactions were more intense and vibrant. It is predicted that bright light is often associated with heat so the bright lights might be triggering a person’s hot emotional system.

Soft warm lighting can remind someone of candles which is why it is recommended for creating a romantic atmosphere. To warm the room and relax the mood, try soft filtered light effects or stylish nostalgic light bulbs. Adding a sheer fabric over bright lights can also be helpful in softening the lighting when you don’t have the options of changing the bulbs.

Another option is colored lighting. Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine method using different colors of light. Light in the form of color can be used to balance the emotional, spiritual, and mental energy of humans. Orange has alleged functions of emotions and sexuality, Green functions love and responsibility, and Blue functions physical and spiritual communication energies. Several of WITTI’s products including the BEDDI Glow, the original BEDDI and the NOTTI all feature coloring changing LEDs which can be set to balance the mood that you’re in.

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