The BEDDI 2 is now available on Amazon!
We’re excited to share that the BEDDI 2 is now available on Amazon. The BEDDI 2 is the next generation of our original BEDDI intelligent alarm clock which we originally launched via Kickstarter. It includes the same convenient intelligent home integration features with products like LIFX, Philips Hue, and Nest, plus IFTTT, Spotify and more. We’ve also included some new convenient features based on feedback that we’ve received from our customers during in past two years.

And just like our original BEDDI, with the BEDDI 2 you can decide the way you like to wake up, with music or radio, or just the wake up light. Stream your favorite content with the improved Bluetooth speaker. Plus easily connect and control your smart home tools with the BEDDI app and charge your smart devices all at the same place.

In addition to the favorite app-enabled features, 16 million color mood light, and sunrise stimulation wake-up light, the BEDDI 2 includes:

· Large LCD display showing indoor temperature and next alarm time
· Built-in white noise generator
· Option to set and manage the alarm directly on the BEDDI 2 or via the app.
· Update the firmware directly via the BEDDI app
· Customize your alarm sound to Spotify music, radio etc.
· Bluetooth audio, music service integration, and radio
· Battery back-up maintains the current time during power interruptions
· 2 USB charging ports with 3A output at the back
· Schedule up to 3 alarms with variable snooze timers

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