Music To Start Your Day

Last month we shared how music can help you relax and prepare your body for sleep.  However, we also know that music can have the exact opposite reaction as well motivating us to get up and dance, sing along, and simply put us in a lively spirit.  Music can also evoke memories of joyous occasions and increase endorphins but we tend to experience this when at a music event, listening to the radio in the car, at a dance club or party, etc.

So, when the alarm is ringing, waking us from a deep sleep, and reminding us about real life, we usually find ourselves wanting to sleep for a few more minutes. Five snooze slaps later, and its a mad dash out the door just to avoid being too late for work.

Its hard to find the motivation to emerge from the comforter cocoon. Given the right soundtrack, however, we can take the morning by the reins and wrestle that rodeo to its knees.  Consider waking to your own song list that will get you out of bed and your toes tapping ready to start the day.  And if you're not sure where to start, we've created the BEDDI "Start The New Day" playlist on Spotify at:

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