Introducing the DOZZI White Noise Generator & Nightlight
WITTI is excited to announce that the new DOZZI white noise generator is now available through

According to the National Sleep Foundation, while you sleep, your brain continues to register and process sounds on a basic level. Many people find that utilizing something a white noise machine can reduce the difference between background sounds and a "peak" sound, like a door slamming, giving them a better chance to sleep through the sound undisturbed. It can also help someone that has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, creating a constant ambient sound that could help mask activity from inside and outside the house.

While most of our BEDDI alarm clocks feature a digital white noise generator including the sounds of the ocean, a forest, wind, rain and more, we are now introducing the DOZZI for those that prefer a natural mechanical (no-digital) white noise.

DOZZI features a built-in fan that generates natural fan noise to provide a soothing and natural white noise. DOZZI allows you to adjust the fan speed (low/medium/high) and control the amount of air flowing in and out, to find the soothing sound best fit your sleep. The infinite combinations of the fan sound can be done with a simple twist and click on the cover.

By adjusting the fan speed and sound openings, you can personalize the natural pitch that's ideal for you. DOZZI masks out the unwanted noise, let your body and mind rest and have a good night sleep.

In addition, DOZZI is integrated with an LED light that can be changed between Bright White, Soft White or looping with multiple colors so that it can be used as a night light or fill your room with color.

You can learn more about the DOZZI at

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