Introducing the BEDDI 2

This month, we’re introducing the new BEDDI 2 which is an upgrade to the popular Kickstarter project - BEDDI. Based on feedback we’ve received from our customers in past two years, we’ve added some new convenience features.

In addition to the favorite app-enabled features, 16 million color mood light, and sunrise stimulation wake-up light, the BEDDI 2 includes:

  • Large LCD display showing indoor temperature and next alarm time
  • Built-in white noise
  • Option to set and manage the alarm directly on the BEDDI 2 or via the app.
  • Firmware updates via the BEDDI app
  • Customize your alarm sound to Spotify music, radio etc.
  • Sunrise stimulation wake-up light
  • 16 million color mood light
  • Bluetooth audio, music service integration, and radio
  • 2 USB charging ports at the back

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