How To Use Color To Create More Romance?

White walls can be boring and often feel sterile.  Considering adding some color to create the perfect ambience in a bedroom.  According to a recent Houzz survey, intimate or romantic is the third-most desired atmosphere for a master bedroom, after calming and cozy and there are specific colors that can create that can help bring a little more romance into the bedroom.

Raspberry pink is undeniably the color of love. Its hues pair well with warm metal hues such as copper, bronze and gold. Add plenty of white to keep the palette crisp and clean. And if a bold raspberry red is too intense for you, consider a more muted version of the color. This softer raspberry pink feels warm and intimate without the shock of a true hot pink. To get a similarly harmonious palette, try injecting bits of purple and blue, colors that are analogous to pink. Because the various colors aren’t wildly contrasting, the space is colorful but also relaxed and mellow. And super romantic.

Deep ruby red. Where raspberry pink is fun and flirty, this rich red hue is dark and sultry. It’s perfect for pairing with warm neutrals and small bits of black.  It’s a heavy, saturated hue, so it’s a good candidate for a feature wall. In smaller spaces where it might be a tight fit to squeeze in a headboard, you can use paint to create the illusion of one. If your bedroom is light-deficient, be sure to add plenty of warm white or other light neutrals to keep it from feeling too snug.

Black. If pink and red are the colors of love, then black is the color of sexy. But black walls can be tough to pull off in a home because they absorb so much light and can make a space feel small and claustrophobic. If you’re going for an intimate vibe in your bedroom, especially if yours is a larger space, black can be a great option. It’s dramatic without being loud and it will make the room feel cozy and private.

And don’t forget that the lighting in the bedroom will most definitely help set the mood.  Warm and soft lights should be used to provide a warm glow – like a candle.    Color temperature is also hugely important for a romantic mood. Think of like a sunrise or sunset, when the sun is at its “warmest” color, a red or orange hue. Red or soft pink light can change the makeup of a bedroom.  Consider setting the colored LED lights on the BEDDI Glow to one of these hues to create a warm and romantic glow.   The color temperature of your room’s lighting can have a significant impact. Don’t forget that while a cooler or brighter white might help you become more alert and wake you up in the morning, it can quickly kill a romantic vibe as well.


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