Father's Day

Tired of the same old backyard barbeque or Macaroni art sculpture for Father’s Day?  Why not shake things up this year and plan a day of thrilling activities for Dad that the whole family can enjoy.


Step 1 – Let Dad sleep in because nobody wants a grumpy father on their special day.  If you need Dad to awaken by a certain time to start the festivities, you might want to secretly set his BEDDI alarm clock with the wake-up light feature to gradually awaken him naturally by mimicking the sunrise.


Step 2 – Fuel Dad up with a light breakfast and provide a list of what he should wear to enjoy the day.  Does he need his favorite baseball hat or a change of clothes for evening activities?


Step 3 – Now, without telling Dad where you’re going, embark on a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy.  For the outdoors dad -  how about a hike on a local canyon trail with a picnic lunch?  For the competitive, adrenaline seeking dad – Go-Karts are a great activity as the whole family can race each other on the track zipping around the curves.  For the sports dad -  watching his favorite team in action might just be the winning ticket. For the foodie dad – instead of a dinner reservation, try a family cooking class that you can enjoy together.  And after you’ve given your dad his special day, how about making that day more special by helping others by volunteering as a family through a local community support program?


Step 4 – Give Dad the rest of the day off from chores or the “honey fix it list.”  There are 364 other days in the year to take care of that stuff.

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