Evolution of alarm clocks…

The alarm clocks have been taking different forms since Before Christ. The only difference was that they weren’t made of steel or plastic and didn’t have numbers. They were in the form of roosters or church bells. The morning sun - a natural wake-up light - was also a type of noiseless alarm clock which stated that it is a cue to leave all the laziness behind and commence the day.

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The Greek philosopher PLATO had water clock signalling his students for his lectures in 428 BC. Then the bell clocks and tower clocks came into existence. They were run with the help of men who rang the tower bell at a particular period of time of the day.

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Later, industries came into the picture and so did workers. The industries had "knocker-ups" who use to bang hardly on people’s door to wake them up for the work. However, the knockers-uppers couldn’t perform their duty properly and were proven to be insufficient and thus, mechanical clocks were introduced.

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The first mechanical clock was created by Levi Hutchins in 18th Century. But, until late 19th Century, people were aloof of alarm clocks. After 1870, people were aware of this useful device and alarm clocks became the necessity and private commodity in every person’s house.

Modern alarm clocks continued to evolve from that time on. There were two types of categories-analog clocks and digital clocks. Over time, this fixture cemented to the position of clocks in the bedroom which incorporating additional features like radio receivers, cuckoos, snooze buttons and more. The Analog clocks deteriorated with the passing time and now every house has a digital clock.

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The digital smart alarm clock has everything from wake-up light, white noise, Bluetooth, USB, etc. These kinds of alarm clocks are app controlled alarm clocks that wake up a person as naturally and as peacefully as possible. One such smart alarm clock designing company is WITTI Incorporated, which has products that will be the best return for your bucks invested. It has products which will not only make your mornings better but will also make your sleep peaceful and healthy.

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