Comfort Your Life By Syncing Smart Phone With Dotti App Enabled Pixel Light Art
In this information age, technology is an anchor to keep oneself updated and stays alert for important affairs. Living a hustle and bustle life, phone users might overlook certain important information. Dotti provides a smart solution to their users by allowing them to set mood lighting along with notifications at the minimal package. Dotti is the modifiable light with the pixel art for IOS iPhone and the android phones to provide them important notifications .Dotti App Enabled Pixel Light Art allows their users to customise their notification with the help of the advanced Bluetooth sensing smart light.
Through displaying the notifications in the 8-bit format with the catalogue of 16 million vibrant colors, Dotti allows users to control their smart phone notifications with the help of the pixel art light.
Have a look at the advanced features of the App controlled pixel light
  • Provides creative notifications from social media apps like Facebook, Skype, whatsApp etc.
  • Notifies users upcoming events through synchronizing smart phone applications such as Calendar.
  • Enhances customization by tailor-made pixel light icons.
  • Provides facility to group 4 Dotti together to receive the enhanced results of their notifications.
  • Make use of the inbuilt battery monitor with the battery life of 720 hrs in notification mode
  • Provides the 49 ft wireless range for the successful operateability of the device.
  • Performsmulti-functionally, with synchronized clock, dice game and music mode for the users.
Turn on this advanced light to receive the notifications from your favorite app for the sake of keeping track of all latest updates.

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