Best Wake Up Light Alarm Clock For Refreshed And Motivated Routines

Slamming the snooze button over and over again is one of the crummiest ways to wake early in morning.  Humans have been awakening according to sunrise from millennia. Even if one is not getting up at sunrise, exposure to light has a positive impact on the body by lowering melanin level. Body starts producing serotonin and reduces the production of melanin. Melanin is the chemical responsible for making one feel exhausted and relaxed in bed. The invention of an alarm clock with wake light has made users able to artificially trigger their natural waking process. Best wake up light alarm clock is able to offer the pleasant awakening experience, just like that of sunlight.  The warm glow of wake up light is able to ease the process of awakening along with ensured peace of mind.

When one falls asleep, they experience rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and Non-REM sleep. These cycles of sleep repeat themselves on regular duration. Harsh noise of traditional alarm clocks usually distresses the body of an individual. Wake up light is able to modify the process of awakening, and make one feel energized and productive towards the start of a day. Wake up light alarm clock start projecting light before the set alarm time. Light gradually increase as the time of alarm is approaching and reach its peak at the set alarm time. 

Gradual light of alarm clock combined with the effect of natural sounds endows with pleasant awakening experience. Alarm clock with wireless speakers allows users spottily their favorite music in the morning, as they wake up from sleep. Implement small changes in your routine to build quality sleep habits.  Use these advanced alarm clocks to wake up more refreshed and aggravated.  

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