Back To School Must Have Tech for the Home or Dorm
A laptop, USB flash drive, and decent pair of headphones are typically the first tech items someone thinks about for their back-to-school list. But what about must-have tech for your home or dorm room to keep you connected and ready to study? Here are our top 4 picks for back to school this year.

BEDDI Glow SE: The BEDDI Glow SE doesn’t just help you keep track of time and gently wake you up in the morning, it’s a great companion to charge your mobile devices; listen to Spotify, a play list, the radio, or white sounds; provide ambience lighting; get weather updates; and more. 

BESTEK 8-outlet & USB Power Strip & Surge Protector: This compact design stands on your desk to power or charge your laptop, phone, alarm clock, fan, and more. 

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp: It’s important to have good light for countless hours of studying. This energy efficient desk lamp boasts a sleek design that takes up minimal desk space and features 5 color modes from white to warm yellow with 7 brightness levels each plus a USB charging port. 

Brinno wireless digital peephole camera. White boards on the dorm room door are a thing of the past to know which of your friends stopped by to say hello. The Brinno SHC replaces a door’s standard peephole and snaps a photo of guests when they knock on your door. It’s a great way to keep a log of your guests or any deliveries that might be left at your door.

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