7 Beautiful gadgets for your home

Beddi Style

The Beddi Style is an intelligent alarm clock from the designers at Witti. The device is jam packed with features that enhance your sleeping experience, including Spotify integration so you can wake up to your favourite track, a white noise generator to eliminate any noises that might distract you from your sleep, and integration with all your other smart home tech, such as Home Kit, Nest and Lifx. What really sets the Beddi Style apart though is its changeable faceplate, which allows you to match the device to the colours and fabrics in your home.



The Aromax is a scent diffuser from Air Aroma. The product is designed to provide your home with the perfect scented ambience, but the real beauty of this product is in the design of the casing. This is a far cry from the cheap plastics diffusers you can pick up in the supermarket. The Aromax has a minimalist conical design and is finished in smooth anodized aluminium, which gives it a premium feel, and looks great in any home. It’s also available in six colour to perfectly match your décor.


The Smart Garden

The Smart Garden from Click and Grow is a home gardening product that is currently raising funding on Kickstarter. This is a great little product that looks amazing on any kitchen windowsill, and provides you with delicious food too!

The Smart Garden is a self-growing garden that automatically provides your plants with the perfect amount of water, nutrients, light and oxygen. It is perfect for growing herbs and vegies right in your kitchen, and Click and Grow claim that their product will produce fresh food that contains up to 600% more nutrients than normal.

Smart Garden

Sub Zero IT-36CIID Fridge/Freezer

This new fridge from Sub Zero is one of the coolest (literally) and most beautiful gadgets you can get in your home. It’s called the IT-36CIID (not the catchiest name), and it has some amazing features. It uses advanced technology to keep all your food fresher for longer, which means crisper greens and juicer fruits! It boasts a NASA-inspired air purification system that cleans the air inside the fridge of any gases that will make your food spoil faster. This air purification system removes ethylene, mould, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes, so your fridge is always clean and your food is always fresh.


Dyson 360 Eye

There has been an increase in robo-vacuum cleaners in the last few years, but now vacuum cleaning heavyweights Dyson have thrown their hat in the ring with their offering, the Dyson 360 Eye. Before you even turn the device on you can see that this is one of the most beautiful gadgets you can get in your home, and would look great zipping around cleaning up your mess!

As with all Dyson products you should expect great features, beautiful design, and also a hefty price tag, with the 360 Eye coming in at $999.99. While this is on the pricey side for a vacuum cleaner, you are getting a premium product that will look fantastic in any home.

Dyson 360 Eye

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is another example of where functionality and style meet perfectly. This is a really cool product that you fit to your doors, and allows you access to your home using your smartphone instead of a key. You can also create virtual keys for guests that might be visiting, and send them the keys straight to their phone. If you have an unexpected caller to your door, you can also see and speak with them through the app, before deciding if you would like to allow them access to your home.

August Smart Lock


Another beautiful product from Witti is the Notti Smart Light. The Notti is a lamp that you can connect your smartphone to via Bluetooth. You can then crate alerts for your favourite apps, so whenever you get a call or message the light can flash and change colour, and you can even set a different colour for each app.

The Notti also can be put in alarm mode, where it gradually gets brighter to mimic the sunrise and waking you naturally. All these features are fantastic, but the Notti is also a beautifully crafted product that would look great in any home.



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