6 Types of Creative Alarms that will help you wake up spot – ON…

It is really hard to haul yourself out of bed every morning. It is especially hard for the people who do not have the habit of waking up early or have stayed awake till late night. Another reason one has a problem waking up is due to an alarm clock that is ineffective to wake you up with the energy and enthusiasm.

Thus, here are the 6 types of smart alarm clocks, which will enable you to have a jump start of the day. Some are app controlled alarms, some are brain teasers, some have money shredding power, etc. They are good as well as bothering but what’s guaranteed is, they will surely wake you up. 

  1. Dance around the room clock: This is a cute alarm clock which will start walking in a room as it wakes you up. To stop that alarm, you have to chase it like a child. Also, it is known as the clock on wheels. Once you start chasing it around the room, you will forget about the sleep and sleepiness.
  1. Dumbbell Alarm Clock: Out of the few smart alarm clocks, one is dumbbell alarm clock. It won’t stop making noise until and unless, you do the required dumbbell sets which are input in the clock. There is no scope of cheating because it has a motion sensor inside it. With this clock, you can have a good workout and good wake up.
  1. WITTI’s smart alarm clock: WITTI’s an app controlled smart alarm clock which you can connect with your phone’s bluetooth or music. No better option than waking up to your favorite music (In my case, its F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song). You can choose Shape of You by Ed Sheeren or Dispacito by Bieber. Also, it has white noise and wakes up light which will expose you to sun-like light and peaceful noise, so there is no bombarding.
  1. Money shredding alarm clock: This quite an interesting clock. It will shred your dollar bill or the important paper that you had inserted in the clock at night. Do not start with putting a hundred dollar bill if you are unable to wake up, you will have to bear the loss. However, to start waking up early, keep inspirational stuff like air tickets or a card from someone special or wait, you surely have A DOLLAR. Save the money for your piggy banks.

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  1. Flying alarm clock: The flying alarm clock comes with the propeller. Once the clock strikes your set time, it will shoot propeller throughout the room and you have to chase it and put it back to make the alarm stop. By the time you put the propellers back, we bet you will be fully awaken.

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  1. Food and Beverages alarm clock: This is a blessing in disguise. It comes as a bacon maker and coffee maker. It has been designed especially for the person who needs a kick start with caffeine and bacon. You can put the raw ingredients and in the morning, both will be in your hands to give you a yummy start of the day.

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    Buy one for yourself and give yourself a good start of a day, every day. People who are well-known have the habit of waking up early in the morning. So, be one of them. Also, you will get some fun activities to do in the morning itself.

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