5 Tips for using BEDDI

Turn off alarm

Tip 1:  Turn off alarm

You can turn off alarm by pressing the “Play/Pause” button or via the BEDDI App

Rename BEDDI

Tip 2:  Rename BEDDI

Got 2 or more BEDDI?  You can rename BEDDI at Menu -> General Settings -> About -> Device Name



Stay Up to Date

Tip 3: Stay Up to Date

We post app updates frequently to include bug fixes and new features.  So please make sure you always use the latest version of app.



Bluetooth music as alarm

Tip 4: Bluetooth music as alarm

Not subscribed to Spotify Premium?
You can still use music from your favorite music player to wake you up when you choose “Bluetooth Music” as your alarm sound.
Please make sure you connect bluetooth audio before you sleep.



Music Light

Tip 5: Music Light

When you select “Music Light” as the mood light option, BEDDI mood light will dance to your music beat.


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