5 Smart Home Gadgets You need in your life right now

BEDDI smart alarm clock

BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock

The BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock is one of the coolest smart home gadgets around. It is so jam packed with features that you will be looking forward to getting to bed every night! It has multiple USB charging ports, so you can make sure all of your devices are ready to go in the morning. You can also control an array of other smart technologies from the device, such as Nest and Lyfx. But most importantly, the BEDDI ensures that you get a great night’s sleep. It’s built in white noise machine will eliminate any distracting sounds, and the built in light mimics the sunrise to wake you up naturally. If being woken by the light isn’t for you, you can sync the BEDDI with your Spotify account instead, and wake up to your favourite track.

Smart gadget keypad

Kwikset Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

This touchscreen deadbolt from Kwikset is one of the coolest smart security devices on the market right now. It has a traditional design, and even allows you to use a traditional house key if you wish, but didn’t be fooled: this device is packed with smart tech! It uses 128 bit encryption to protect your home, in integrates with home automation systems to allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Definitely one of the must-have smart home gadgets for 2017.

Smart gadget Robot Cleaner

Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Say goodbye to your stepladder and bucket of suds, this cool Robot Window Cleaner will have your windows gleaming in no time. This really takes the pain out of washing windows, especially if you live in a big house. Previously your only options were to brave going up a stepladder and doing them yourself, or else paying someone else to do it. This little device eliminates both of these options, and allows you to clean your windows from the safety of the ground. You can even get the kids to do it as they will love playing with the remote control!

Smart gadget - WIFI slow cooker 

Wi-Fi Crockpot

Always have a nice warm meal ready for you when you arrive home, with the Wemo Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled Slow Cooker. With these handy smart home gadgets, you simply throw in the ingredients in the morning before you go to work, and turn the cooker on via the smartphone app whenever you need. Slow cooked meals are not only simple to make, but also hearty and delicious. This can also be used for just warming food that is already cooked, so it is perfectly hot and ready to eat as soon as you walk in the door.

Smart gadget Wemo plug 

Belkin WeMo

The Belkin WeMo is an awesome little device that allows you to take control of any household device that you have to plug in. There is a huge amount of uses for these little gadgets, and don’t be surprised if you find every device you own is soon plugged into one. The Belkin WeMo lets you power on and off whatever device is plugged into it via the smartphone app, so you can turn on and off lamps or turn on the washing machine while you are away from home. It also monitors the electricity usage of the device that is plugged in, allowing you to keep a close eye on the energy spend of your more powerful devices.

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