5 More Tips for using BEDDI

 Adjusting Alarm Volume

Tip 6:  Adjusting Alarm Volume

You can adjust the maximum alarm volume in Menu -> General Settings -> Alarm General Settings -> Alarm Volume.

Please note that all alarm sounds will fade on, it may take up to 30 seconds to reach maximum volume

(so you can wake up more naturally)



Traffic/Weather Speech speed

Tip 7:  Traffic/Weather Speech speed

The weather/traffic info speech rate is adjustable at Menu -> General Settings -> Speech rate


Volume Buttons Advance mode

Tip 8: Volume Buttons Advance mode

The volume buttons have two modes – Standard and Advance mode.

In Advance mode, you can use the keys to skip song tracks, or to switch FM radio channels.

You can adjust the mode in Menu -> General Settings -> Volume Buttons Mode


Connect to Bluetooth Audio

Tip 9: Connect to Bluetooth Audio

To reconnect to bluetooth Audio (after initial pairing),

you can reconnect the bluetooth audio by press & hold the “play/pause” button for 3s. 


Dashboard Settings

Tip 10: Dashboard Settings

You can customize the Dashboard layout in Menu -> Dashboard Settings.

You can select which items to show up, and customize the light button shortcuts


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