5 hottest smart home startups of 2017

5 hottest smart home startups of 2017

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We have seen a huge surge in smart home technology in 2016, with more and more startups emerging, and venture capitalists investing heavily in the sector. Here are five connected living startups that will be among the hottest smart home startups of 2017.


Ecobee are a smart thermostat startup that offer products that control the heat in your home via a smartphone app. While there are a few companies providing similar products (most notably Nest), Ecobee is the world’s only smart thermostat with room sensors, allowing you to identify hot and cold areas of your home. Ecobee have been around for a few years now, and raised their first round of funding in 2010 when they raised $6.73 million. However, the company is now ready to really take off after securing $41.7 million in funding in August 2016. This round of funding is going to be a launch pad for Ecobee to mount a serious challenge to Nest’s dominance in this area in 2017.

 5 hottest smart home startups of 2017 - Ecobee


For the serious gardener out there, Edyn is smart technology for your garden. Never overwater or underwater your garden again, by using Edyn’s smart sensors to keep track of your plants when you are away. Edyn’s sensors track light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture, and sends the information to you in real time via a smartphone app. It also cross-references the conditions in your garden with their comprehensive database of plants, to provide you with the perfect plan of action to get your garden blooming. Having raised $2 million in Series A funding this year, Edyn is a great position to explode onto the market in 2017.

5 hottest smart home startups of 2017 - Edyn 


Petcube shot to fame this year with their range of connected products that help you take care of your pet. As all pet owners know, there are times when you wish you could check in with your pet when you are away from home, just to make sure they are ok. Well that’s exactly what Petcube have addressed. Their first product, The Petcube Camera, allows you to see and interact with your pet from your smartphone when you are not at home. They have since released more products in this line, including the Petcube Play, which allows you to play with your pet using a laser pointer, and Petcube Bites, which allows you to give your pet treats. Petcube have raised nearly $4 million to date, with $2.6 million of this coming in 2016, so expect Petcube to be one of the hottest smart home startups of 2017.

5 hottest smart home startups of 2017 - Petcube 


Ring is a smart doorbell for your home, that allows you to see who is at the door using their camera and your smartphone. You can also interact with the caller, by speaking into the app. This can come in handy if a package comes while you are away, you can simply tell the delivery guy to leave it on the porch. Ring also doubles as a security system, and sensors alert you when there is activity around your home.  This California based startup has raised over $94 million to date, with a whopping $61.2 million being raised this year in a Series C round. You should expect to see a lot of these smart doorbells popping up over the next 12 months.

 5 hottest smart home startups of 2017 - ring



WITTI burst onto the scene this year after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for their smart alarm clock BEDDI. Witti had a Kickstarter goal of raising $25,000, but ended up eclipsing this amount and raising a massive $136,053 from over 1,300 backers.

The BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock is a state of the art device that will revolutionise your sleeping experience. It boasts a number of features that ensure that you will wake up a rested as possible, including Spotify integration so you can wake up to your favourite track, and a light that emulates the rising sun and wakes you up gradually.

The BEDDI also acts a smart home control hub, and integrates with a host of other connected technologies such as Nest, Lifx, Wemo and HomeKit. You can even call an Uber with the touch of a button.

BEDDI is one of the most sought after Christmas gifts for 2016, and is forecasted to be one of the top selling smart home products of 2017.

 5 hottest smart home startups of 2017 - BEDDI



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