4 Smart Home Products that work with the BEDDI Smart buttons

BEDDI is not just a smart alarm clock, it’s intelligent and control some smart home products that might already be in your home. Here’s a list of some great products which you can program to control with BEDDI’s Smart buttons.

  1. Nest thermostat – Nest is one of the most advanced learning thermostats that you can install in your home to not only keep your home at a comfortable temperature, it learns from your behaviors to modify the temperature and save energy when heat or air conditioning might not be needed. But sometimes the Nest works too well conserving energy and doesn’t always know the difference between when you’re sleeping or not home. By integrating the Nest with a BEDDI Smart button, you no longer need to walk down the hall or be blinded by the glaring screen of your smartphone when you want to adjust the Nest thermostat in the middle of the night. www.nest.com
  2. Philips Hue – Philips offers a range of lighting options controlled by Wi-Fi called Hue. With Hue, you can program the lights in a room to turn on, off or to a certain dim using a variety of products like the BEDDI, your smartphone, and more. From light bulbs to lamps and light strips, Philips Hue lets you set the perfect lighting ambience, control your lights when you’re not home, or brighten the bedroom before ever stepping foot out of your bed. www.meethue.com
  3. Wemo – Do you love the fresh smell of coffee when you wake in the morning? Do you worry if you turned off the toaster oven before you climbed into bed? With Wemo’s smart plugs, you can control the power usage of your home devices plugged into a Wemo outlet to turn on and off from a smartphone or by pressing a BEDDI Smart button. www.wemo.com
  4. LIFX – LIFX offers a variety or Wi-Fi enabled LED lightbulbs. Light up a room, a lamp or add accent lighting to create a unique experience with LIFX. LIFX LED bulbs can also be programmed with a smartphone or with a BEDDI Smart button to adjust the lighting in a room before you fall asleep or when waking in the morning. www.lifx.com

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