August 2016

I don’t see my weather info (just blank screen)

Please make sure you enable location service for BEDDI App. For iOS, it's in phone OS Settings -> BEDDI (all the way down at the 3rd party apps section) -> Locations ---> Make sure it's set at  "Always". For Android, it's in phone Settings --> Application Manager -> BEDDI -> Permissions -> Location ---> Make [...]

July 2016

I set the Weather/Traffic on alarm, but I don’t hear it.

The Weather/Traffic info will be played after your turned off the alarm.  For Weather/Traffic to work, please make sure your phone is in range with BEDDI, and app is running the background, and your phone has internet access.

The Weather/Traffic voice is a mixture of English and my phone OS language

We are working on localization right now.  If you are willing to help us to localized BEDDI app to your language, please email us at support@wittidesign.com.

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