February 2016

Why there is no reaction when sliding the top sensors?

Sometimes the touch sensor can be affected by surrounding environment.  Place DOTTI on table, restart DOTTI, wait for 2s, and slowly slide the top from left to right with light pressure.  Reset DOTTI if problem persists.

Why the light color seems to be wrong?

The NOTTI/DOTTI light color could vary when the battery level is low.  Please fully charge NOTTI/DOTTI to see whether the problem persists.

Why I changed the name of NOTTI/DOTTI but it did not take affect?

Please restart NOTTI/DOTTI immediately after name changed, and check the name again.

Why my notifications cannot be received?

Please make sure Bluetooth is on.  If only one specific Notification cannot be received, please switch off and switch on that Notification again.  If all Notifications cannot be received, please try to unpair and restart NOTTI/DOTTI and reconnect again.

How to find NOTTI/DOTTI on the app?

Please make sure Bluetooth is turned on and make sure no other phone is connected to the NOTTI/DOTTI.  If problem persists, restart both NOTTI/DOTTI and the App.

How can I connect NOTTI/DOTTI with Bluetooth?

NOTTI/DOTTI only compatible with Android devices running 4.3 and up / iOS 7.1 and up with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.  Please try to turn off all the other Bluetooth devices first, and test whether you can connect NOTTI / DOTTI with your device.  Please be reminded that we don’t need to pair in Bluetooth setting, [...]

How can I function with the music mode?

Music only can output if the song already downloaded and stored in the phone.  If the song had not been downloaded, sound cannot output though NOTTI/DOTTI. 

How can I get the Bluetooth password?

If prompt message for pairing password, please enter “123456”.

Any warranty for WITTI products?

We provide a one-year warranty from the date of purchase for all WITTI items.  Please fill out the form valid proof of purchase at http://www.wittidesign.com/en/warranty/.

How to reset NOTTI/DOTTI?

Please try to reset NOTTI/DOTTI by pressing the reset button at the bottom of NOTTI/DOTTI (in the small hole).

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