October 2016

After upgrading to iOS10, I cannot connect to BEDDI

iOS10 actually has some known bluetooth issues, you can see this webpage for some suggested solutions. https://www.imobie.com/support/how-to-fix-bluetooth-issues-on-ios-devices.htm . Another thing to try is to disable the "HomeKit" permission for the BEDDI app (in iOS settings, scroll to bottom to find BEDDI app, and turn off HomeKit permission), and then restart your phone. Some users said [...]

September 2016

What are the BEDDI’s physical dimensions?

BEDDI measures approximately 8.66" (W) × 2.13" (D) × 5.12" (H).  Its weight is approximately 1.2 pounds.

August 2016

I don’t see my weather info (just blank screen)

Please make sure you enable location service for BEDDI App. For iOS, it's in phone OS Settings -> BEDDI (all the way down at the 3rd party apps section) -> Locations ---> Make sure it's set at  "Always". For Android, it's in phone Settings --> Application Manager -> BEDDI -> Permissions -> Location ---> Make [...]

July 2016

How do I install BEDDI app for my iPad?

Please search BEDDI and download the “iPhone only” version on the App Store.

What is the service port?

The service port is for firmware update only.  For detailed information on firmware updates, please visit: http://www.wittidesign.com/en/firmwareupdate/

How can I adjust the brightness of the clock?

Press the “Snooze/Dimmer” button to adjust the clock brightness.  There are 5 levels of brightness 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and off.

How many devices can be supported by the smart buttons?

You can customize 3 smart buttons via the App to trigger different commands.  Each smart button has three modes – single press, double press and long press. You can pre-set total 9 devices/services.

What is Sleep & Nap mode?

Sleep mode -- when you go to sleep and listen to music, when sleep mode time is up, BEDDI will turn off the music/light that is playing. Nap mode -- when you want to take a nap, and when the nap mode time is up, then BEDDI will play the alarm sound.

Can my phone fit in BEDDI cradle?

The cradle supports up to a smartphone with 5.7” screen.  The cradle is size is 17 x 171 x 25mm (W x L x D), or 0.67" x 6.73" x 1".

How do I change the temperature scale?

Please go to  Menu -> General Setting -> Temperature Scale.

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